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Woodshed Capos come from a small workshop in the sunny shires of Essex.  We offer high quality capos for use with lap steel, Weissenborn and resonator guitars.  Each capo is hand-made individually from selected materials.  With twenty years of guitar playing and over forty years of engineering experience the result is a trusty, great sounding capo.

You can purchase our capos here on eBay.

Have a look at our demonstration video on YouTube

4 thoughts on “Woodshed Capos

  1. Mini review on the woodshed capo. The capo is very substantial, handmade from brass with very attractive wood inlay, and a simple screw fastening to secure. It works perfectly with an electric lapsteel and a squareneck dobro, really good sustain on the open ‘capo’d strings, and clever design so the main weight of the capo sits above the strings, so you don’t need a particularly high action, and you dont need any clamping around the neck itself. Really happy with it. Keith and Anthony are great to deal with. Thoroughly recommended 10/10. Steve


  2. Mini review on custom bullet/stevens bar hybrid. Having been frustrated with existing designs, (bullet-style slides tricky for me to hold and angle, stevens type lack the tip of the bullet which is great for partial barring and selecting stopped/unstopped chords), I asked Keith and Ant about a hybrid. Excellent communications and sharing and refining the basic ideas, and between them they came up with a workable solution. Keith basically designed and built a really excellent, and seemingly original design based on a heavy stainless steel bullet, with a beautifully-crafted wooden stevens-type handle attached, which is very comfortable and precise in use. Its absolutely perfect for my requirements, and workmanship and finish is first class. Not only that, but for all that work, it is competitively priced against factory-made off the shelf designs! I’ve been searching high and low for this design, and it seems no-one makes it. Highly recommended 10/10


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